Blimey! Now Chickens Are Getting Political

Posted on: January 20th, 2015 by Clucky

Some people may find it strange that a bunch of chickens run a bingo site, but that’s nowt compared to what we’ve spotted this week. It transpires that chickens are now getting all political. One of our brethren has been signed up by the folks at The Daily Mirror to have a dig at some bloke called David Cameron. He’s even become a bit of a TV star!

The chicken has even picked up it’s Twitter account (@MirrorChicken) although at this moment in time it has less followers than Clucky Bingo!. Apparently Mirror Chicken has been brought into the public eye as there’s something called a General Election coming up and the Cameron geezer doesn’t want to have a debate with other folks. We don’t actually blame him, when it’s debating night in our chicken coop there’s squawking and clucking and feather chucking like no tomorrow… it’s like an episode of Question Time.

Anyway Mirror Chicken is goading Mr Cameron into getting involved with TV debates and we presume he’ll be popping up around London until either David relents and joins the debate or the chicken tries to cross the road (never a good idea – there’s nowt on the other side anyway).

If David is too chicken then we’d happily step up and do his TV debates – although we better come up with some policies first – a bit like Mr Cameron and all the others then.

Off the top of our chicken heads we think higher taxes on eggs with more money going to the chickens, a ban on Nandos selling chicken and an immediate removal of the Point Of Consumption Tax. The last one by the way isn’t a tax on people eating drive through at KFC but something bingo related. KFC mind can join Nandos and be banned from selling chicken in the Clucky Manifesto!

See we can be political too.

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