Clucky Chicken LOLS At The Dirty Bird

Posted on: August 7th, 2014 by Clucky

Chickens have made the news again this week thanks to a fast food van based in Cardiff. Apparently the logo for the chicken shop has got people wondering whether it’s a chicken or a cock – and we don’t mean in the Bert The Cockerel sense either. Apparently the owners claim that the symbol is based on their brand initials “d” and “b” for The Dirty Bird.


We couldn’t help but laugh when we first saw the story. Apparently one customer told Metro that the symbol confusion is “not really what you want to think about when you’re tucking into your meal”. Quite! But then you shouldn’t be troffing on the old chickens anyway! Mind you, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about cocks either come to think of it.

On a more serious note this is actually quite bad news for chickens whilst probably being incredibly good news for The Dirty Bird. We’re pretty sure some folks will be hopping in their cars and heading down to Cardiff specifically to get a glimpse of the cock shaped chicken symbol for themselves – at least before the company comes up with an alternative. That may well mean a hefty increase in the consumption of chicken.

Less chickens in the coop means less of us to run the old bingo site – so remember that when you’re munching on your deep friend goodness and contemplating the shape of symbols. We’re now off to make sure Bert is where we left him…. we wouldn’t want anyone trying to munch on that old cockerel.

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