Luis Suarez Encouraged To Bite Chickens!

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by Clucky

Biting and a certain Mr Luis Suarez is in the news again this week. The Liverpool footy bloke is on the naughty list for allegedly trying to have a nibble of an Italian footballer’s shoulder. We’ve watched the footage and followed the coverage in the media and here at Clucky Bingo we’re outraged!! Not at Suarez mind, we’re disappointed at him, but we’re outraged at Nandos UK for their tweeting!

Apparently the bods at @NandosUK have done well with their quick thinking but everything has a consequence. It’s bad enough that this fast food restaurant serve up Clucky’s relatives in a variety of ways and with some quite tasty sauces (so we’re told) but now they’re encouraging Luis Suarez to start biting chickens.

“Oh! Suarez & Nandos!! NOOOOO”!!

We don’t want him coming in to the coop, picking up Mabel and trying to nibble on her wing. We say stick to football Luis – the only wings you should be looking at are on the football pitch. You’ve also committed enough fouls in football without starting to get your big beaver chompers around our fowls too.

To protect ourselves from the biting chap we’re going to have to hire a couple of security guards. Mildred got hold of a couple blokes who have just become available – Cahill and Jagielka – however we’ve looked at their CVs and don’t think they’ll be able to stop the Suarez threat from getting through.

So thank you NandosUK for giving us extra concerns to worry about… someone is going to have to change the Clucky sign from “Foxes Keep Out” to “Suarez Keep Out” now.

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