Outrage! Real Chickens Being Used To Play Bingo!

Posted on: September 1st, 2014 by Clucky

Whilst the internet is getting in a flutter about various celebrities and some rather saucy private images, the gang here at Clucky Bingo have been exposed to something even more outrageous (probably – well at least from a chicken perspective). We have discovered that chickens are being used so that folks can play bingo. The evidence is below!!

In this clip one of our number is locked in a cage at a location called the Little Longhorn Saloon and asked to perform it’s business. Over excited punters encourage the poor chicken to drop it’s dinner on a number. If the chicken obliges then no doubt that results in a prize.

We’re all aghast here at Clucky Bingo as the folks at Little Longhorn Saloon are not using their chicken to it’s full potential. As Clucky Bingo demonstrates, chickens have amazing abilities when it comes to running bingo. Little Longhorn Saloon should get that chicken out the cage, in front of a set of bingo balls and let it do it’s job.

This would be much better for the chicken, but it would also be better for the punters of Little Longhorn Saloon as they’d get to enjoy a longer game of bingo (provided such a game is legal in their area – you never know what is and isn’t over the pond, and we don’t mean the one by the cows and ducks across the way).

Mildred has suggested that Clucky and the gang put together a similar kind of game for fans of Clucky Bingo. We told her it was a crap idea….

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